Lex Eye Services Pvt. Ltd. is established on 15th Aug 2005

  • Coached with the noble object that the trustees/ directors should utilize their maximum time for fulfillment of the objectives of their trusts/Companies and the back office work of legal mandatory compliances, co-op. societies  be taken care of by the Competent agency.
  • With this object we have the formulated systems for compliances of legal mandatory requirements in the administration of various entities including pvt./public trusts, charitable organasations, co-op. societies & corporates and have also developed a team of experts, who would keep a legal eye to check and guide that the mandatory legal compliances are complied with regularly and accurately.
  • The object is to help the trusts/companies to bring about the transparency in their administration and help them come out from the threats of legal consequences.
  • For the educational institutions we have developed a special system of inspection of their records and find out the lacuna and correct the same and also to guide them in the issues relating to the application of statutes, ordinances and Acts as well UGC guidelines and AICTE norms.
  •  We have developed a research team which is regularly carrying out the research and has developed the information bank on educational aspects.
  • In addition we hold seminar, interactive workshop, conferences on various issues relating to Bombay Public Trusts Act, Societies Registration Act, Maharashtra Cooperative Act, Right to information act,  Administrative difficulties of NGOs, etc.

Concept Behind

Providing these services is that, charitable organizations and institutions which are providing their selfness services to the nation must be properly guarded from any problems or harassments due to lack of mandatory legal compliances or due to lack of knowledge regarding the provision of various laws applicable to them. Similar is a case with co-op societies, the direction of which are otherwise open for penal consequences. Similarly, with respect to the Educational Institutions, various mandatory compliances and requirements which are necessary for effective growth of the institutes leading to increase in the academic standards can be attained with the help of the managerial support, which can be provided by the experts by providing the information and support for mandatory legal requirements and compliances.